Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wikimedia cheatsheet - markup language

Here is the English version.

Wiki codeResult
== Section ==
=== Subsection ===
==== Subsubsection ====
structures the document and adds headings
[[Link to another page]]links to another page on Wikipedia
[[Link to page A|text B]]adds a text B linking to page A
* automatic
* bullet
* list
  • automatic
  • bullet
  • list
# automatic
# numbered
# list
  1. automatic
  2. numbered
  3. list
[[File:Example.jpg|thumb|Caption]]displays the Example.jpg file (image) in the page with a caption
{{Example}}includes the template "Example"
[[Category:Example]]adds the page to the category "example"
<ref>John Doe, title, date</ref>adds a note or a reference in the text
<references />displays all added references at the end of the page
[ Description of the link]adds an external link to another website
[[fr:Cuisine]]adds an interwiki link to the article Cuisine on (Wikipedia in French)
~~~~adds your signature with a timestamp
== Discussion ==
Message. ~~~~
:First response to the message. ~~~~
::Response to the response ~~~~
:Second response to the message ~~~~
Indentation for discussions

The others can be found here:

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